Tithebarn Ltd

Tithebarn Ltd

Denis Sowler

Job title

Export Sales Executive

Business name

Tithebarn Ltd

Tell us about your business?

Tithebarn manufacture mineralised salt blocks which are licked by livestock. When doing this the animals receive essential minerals and trace elements which will help encourage them to drink more water and eat more food. The food is digested more effectively leading to improved, production, reproduction and ultimately profitability to the farmer.

Tithebarn Ltd
When and how did you first start trading with a Commonwealth country?

We have been exporting since the 1960’s.

What impact/benefits has trading with Commonwealth had on your business?

Sales to Commonwealth countries make up approx. 12% of our production.

What difficulties have you had to overcome?

Constantly changing import regulations especially in the African countries.

What would be your top tips to a business looking to trade in the Commonwealth?

Like all countries, get out there and visit the potential customers on site and to see the actual realistic situation. People buy from people, so build up the relationships.